TUI Cruises

On-Board IPTV

Aboard the new ships of the TUI fleet, Teracue provided the complete IPTV System. Complete ingest of live TV from satellite dishes, live video generated on board and the video on demand (VoD) system was all done using Teracue IPTV Solutions.

On board the new built cruise ships of the “Mein Schiff” fleet the TV signals received from satellite are converted to IP and ingested into the IPTV network using the Teracue DMM series headend.

Video signals created from the on-board TV studio are live encoded using the Teracue ENC- 300 series encoders. Additionally signals from cameras at the bow and stern are live encoded and sent to the IPTV system so guests can watch these signals as well.

To provide VoD for all guests on board Teracue provided a comprehensive VoD solution with a streaming capacity of 2Gb/s. The solution is built using several ICUE media servers in a redundant cluster.
For the crew, a separate IPTV solution is available using ICUE-Server play-out capabilities. They can enjoy several movies played on different channels using time shift functions.

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