Fraport Frankfurt Airport


Frankfurt Airport drives a big and powerful IPTV solution providing live IPTV streams to every display. Using a Teracue IPTV head-end more than 100 TV and Radio channels are received and ingested into the IPTV network using multicast protocol.

Additional to the standard live TV signals a direct stream from Deutsche Welle (DW) at Berlin is sent to Frankfurt. It is the normal DW program but it contains special advertisement of Fraport partners. This special stream is received as unicast by MC-ROUTE, converted and sent to the IPTV network as multicast like all other signals.

To ensure availability of advertisement of Fraport partners a ICUE media server is running on site, providing a backup stream with advertisement as the DW live stream. In case of signal loss of the DW live stream, MC-ROUTE automatically switches to the local backup stream.

As receivers Amino IPTV set-top-boxes with special Teracue software are used. In combination with Element Manager it is possible to administrate, control and monitor all STBs (500+) from a central office location. Also it is possible to use Element Manager as interface for other systems, i.e. public address system.

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