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Rapid transfer of data, internally as well as to the public is crucial at the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics. The ZAMG was founded in 1851 and is not only the representative of Austria, but also the oldest public weather service in the world. She runs a meteorological network and forwards the results of its research to international organizations. In addition, experts meetings on the current weather conditions take place at the headquarter Hohe Warte, as well as presentations for visitors.


To create a more flexible presentation of weather cards and animations used by meteorologists, a new operation centre with attached media room was established. The requirement was to display 6 inhouse streams from the production system on video walls simultaneously. Furthermore, the new solution was supposed to be operated from a central point and to provide the source signals over the existing network.


Sound Production - Ing. Volkmar Theil, the responsible system integrator proposed a solution from Teracue. The Teracue ENC-400-HDMI-PORTABLE encodes the source signals and streams them as multicast into the network directly at the workstations. The fanless encoder guarantees a stable streaming while the ENC-400 loop-through permits a simoultanous display on each workstation.

By applying the Teracue video wall, ZAMG is able to display the streams in nearly any arrangement on their 2x2 and 5x1 configuration. ICUE-GRID enables an immediate overview of reports and evaluations in the multi purpose room. Window sizes, resolution, positioning and number are adjustable to a nearly limitless extent. Research findings can be displayed as needed. A single display can show one or several streams while additional contents can be portrayed maximized or partitioned over other screens.




By using Teracue products Sound Production has chosen a solution which meets all requirements and is flexible as well. Since the devices could be integrated into the existing network, the system was ready for use within a very short time and the costs were reduced to a minimum.

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