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Netchange uses ICUE-GRID

The data center in Hilversum Media Park is the core of the dutch radio- and television stations. Its contributionservice is provided by our BeNeLux-reseller, NETchange.

Using Teracue Encoders, the TV- and Radiostreams are transmitted to the data center via internet, by stations all over the country. At the center, Teracue products do the transcoding and processing of the signals, which can be provided afterwards to the audience by IPTV and cable network providers. This compact 24/7 solution, which processes an average of 25 TV- and Radiostreams, was installed by NETchange.


As NETchange´s headquarter is at a distance of 40 km from the data base, a remote monitoring system, independent of location, was required. It has to show a clear representation of the streams to allow a fast reaction.

After transcoding at the data center, the streams are not only being transmitted to the cable network providers per multicast, but also to NETchange´s ICUE-GRID Videowall. TAC-Route, as secure Gateway, receives the TV- and Radiostreams and feeds them into the in-house network, as multicast once more.
A monitoring- and analyzing system inside the network depicts the strength of the signals and triggers an alarm as soon as the values reach a critical limit. The output on the screens is enabled by an NDI Scan Converter. The video wall consists of three monitors and is split up between two offices, to allow independent monitoring by multiple persons. ICUE-GRID is able to control both video walls separately.



To allow system monitoring on the way and outside office hours, an ENC-400-HDMI2-PORTABLE encodes the image of the 2x1 main video wall and feeds it to the internet. From here it can be retrieved by mobile devices, anytime.

With this system NETchange is able to provide superior around-the-clock support without additional staff. The variable display of ICUE-GRID allows a clear representation of the streams and can be adjusted to new challenges, anytime.





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