There is an almost unlimited variety of video and audio content available.

This content can be fed in via DVB television signals (satellite, cable, terrestrial), or via your own signal sources such as cameras, web content, desktop PCs and Internet streams and/or pre-prepared video content from a media server. All these signals can be effectively distributed and transmitted via the network.

All content can be transmitted in accordance with open standards, and played back by any supporting device. Anything is possible: from software players to IPTV set-top boxes, from satellite IPTV to mobile devices, from low resolution to 4K and more. Content can be transmitted via the existing networks, removing the need for separate HF cabling and distribution. This makes installation much easier, as well as cutting costs.


  • Cut costs by using the existing infrastructure
  • AV signals can be fed in and called up from anywhere
  • Signals available anytime, on PCs, IPTV set-top boxes, mobile devices etc.
  • Playback on various devices e.g. PCs, TVs, projectors, Video Walls etc.
  • Simple distribution without the need for signal processing or scaling
  • Ideal for live TV, mosaic multi-viewers, recording, playback, playout etc.
  • Theoretically unlimited number of users (multicast)
  • Dedicated point-to-point transmission (unicast)
  • Standardised transmission
  • Modular design makes IPTV system easy to expand
  • Future-proof and widely compatible thanks to the use of open standards such as MPEG-TS, H-264, H.265, MPEG-2, SD/HD/2K/4K etc.


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