Teracue Application Cloud

The Teracue Application Cloud (TAC) combines the functions of a digital matrix router and a powerful transcoder. Video and audio codecs can be processed as well as various transport protocols in a single application. TAC provides control over the routing and transcoding of incoming and outgoing live SD/HD/4K streams within one and the same intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Maximum reliability is guaranteed by the client-/server-based system which can be customized and expanded at any time. A user and role management permits a detailed specification of individual authorizations. This personalization ensures users can view, modify, create or delete approved content only. An innovative preview area shows the most important parameters such as bit rate, FPS as well as input and output streams at a glance.

  • Transport streams via UDP, RTP, TCP and http
  • Multiple input and output streams
  • AES encryption and decryption
  • Configuration via web services / SOAP
  • Software packages for server or Internet installation


Redundancy switching of the input signal (multicast)      
HLS streaming for iOS, Android & Google TV devices      
Switching matrix as for crossbars      
Adjustable time shift and stream delay      
Easy installation thanks to 1 RU housing with pre-installed software licence      
Supports multiple network interfaces      
IPTV live-stream transcoding      
OTT Internet broadcasting      
Transcoding for multi-screens and multi-devices      



Teracue Application Cloud

TAC enables to design, adjust and run a system according to the requirements. It provides the convenience of an all in one stream router and transcoder. The Teracue Application Cloud provides an unlimited size for future system upgrades and adjustments, while straightening the workflow.



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